Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Songs to get you in the right mood

Japan's greatest band goes for the kill

One of the greatest soundtracks of all time

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Participating artists in our 1st outing will be, but may not limited to the following

Riki Henderson (Curator)

 Teppei Ando (Curator)
Alika Cooper

Kara Joslyn

Kelly Brown
 Beard + Bang print studio
Matt Pugh

Tamar Solomon

Michael Mellon
Elise Mahan

Lane Brookshire

who, what, when, where and sometimes how

Together with our friend and local coffee establishment, Local 123 we will be hosting a new venue called HEARTS AND CRAFTS. Our goal for this inaugural event: to supply the public with alternative expressions of love. This year consider something unique in honor of this day of love, as we will make avaliable artwork and merchandise from a rich variety of talented artists.
The event will take place the weekend before Valentine’s ...Day, Sunday, February 13th.

Local 123
2049 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA

2-8pm (Open 2 extra hours, just for us!!!)